My Story Featured on MindBodyGreen

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by an editor of the popular website She asked if I would write about my journey to go tiny. I was excited for the opportunity to share my story and the philosophy of tiny living. 

And, aside from the stock photo of someone else in their tiny house, it turned out pretty good. Though, the title is also misleading. They called the essay, "Why Quitting My Job To Build A Tiny Home Was The Best Decision I've Ever Made." In truth, it was the other way around. I built a tiny house to quit my job. But that is a small distinction. In the post, I discuss how the journey started and what we did to make it happen.
"The problem with fallback jobs is they’re far too easy to fall back on."
 You can read the entire article here. 


  1. You are a bigger person than I am to not be offended that they used that stock photo. I find that to be very lazy journalism. I give them a zero for creativity. You, your home, and your story are all inspiring.


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