Hobbies and the Tiny House: Cosplay Edition

Half a month later and I am back at the blog. I took part of the summer off from blogging here so I could concentrate on my freelance work, Asheville SHAC, and preparing for my most favorite time of the year.

Yes, it is Dragon Con again. 

Every year over Labor Day weekend we make a pilgrimage back to Atlanta to celebrate all things Geeky with 65,000 of our closest friends.

This year, in fact, we have friends coming from as far as Michigan and Minnesota to share our hotel room.

The last time I wrote about it extensively here on this blog was in 2012 when we moved into our tiny house.

So, a question we get asked often is how we store our costuming stuff when we only live in 120 square feet. 

I think a big misconception about moving into a tiny home is that you are forced to give up anything that brings you joy in life if it takes up any space at all. I think that is patently untrue and there are a variety of ways to make something work if you have a hobby that requires "stuff."

When we first moved into our tiny home we had gotten rid of a lot of our cosplay. That year I only did one costume and it was an easy one. I was Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory. With only a sweater vest, button down shirt, and a pencil skirt the costume was pretty compact and could store in my closet until we packed up for Atlanta. But after that Con I missed some of the more elaborate costumes and wanted to find a way to make that work with our new tiny lifestyle.

This year, 3 years later, I am bringing three costumes with me. It still all fits in one big suitcase. Oh, and I also 2 of my friends costumes packed in there... as well as all of my non-costuming clothes for the weekend.

So how do I store them when they're not in a suitcase waiting to go to Atlanta?

We were really lucky when we built our tiny house: we have a barn.

Just some basic supplies...
While we camped in the barn while we were building today it is perfect for storing anything that doesn't fit in our tiny home. We have two hobbies that have a lot of gear: Costuming and Glamping. These things stay stored in the barn room. We keep airtight plastic bins to prevent bugs and mildew as much as possible. Lots of the glamping stuff, like our tents and canopy, are made to be outdoors so they're fine.

Of course, this might not work for everyone. A tiny house that travels frequently may not be able to have auxiliary storage. The people who live in them probably want to keep their lives unencumbered, too. For tinies that are stationary or on foundations like mine additional storage is fine. Downsizing and simplifying is great but not if it means you can't live the life you enjoy. I wanted to have this lifestyle so I would have time and money to enjoy them.

After Labor Day I'll share some photos of our geeky adventure!


  1. I bet when you moved homes that your removals team was very shocked that most of your stuff was cosplay stuff! I'm just glad that you've found a good place to stash everything! Haha!

    1. I had to laugh and publish this comment. While I believe it is spam, it made me giggle. Though - I find it most amusing that someone would assume that a person moving into (or out of) a tiny home would need to hire movers! Heck - even with the cosplay stuff I could have fit everything in my Honda Element. Oh wait, I did!


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