Dragon Con 2015 Geeky Recap

This was our 9th year at Dragon Con in downtown Atlanta. The crowds set a record at 70,000. Certainly can't fit that many people in a tiny home! 

I love general geekery. It is like Halloween, Christmas, my birthday, and everything else fun that I can ever think of all rolled into one. This year we had friends from Asheville, Atlanta, Bermuda, Seattle, Michigan, Minnesota, and more all hanging out with us. It was the best Dragon Con ever.

You may wonder why I am posting about it on my tiny house blog. Well, as this is about my life in 120 square feet it is also about my life outside of it and Dragon Con is one of my very favorite things.

So - without further ado... photos! 
(These were taken by a variety of people in our friend group)

Emily and Bill as Wonder Woman and Batman

Bill and Emily as Rockabilly Batman and Bombshell Wonder Woman

John from EPBOT as Dreamfinder and Figment

Our entire group as Harry Potter adult characters.

Our entire group plus a Hagrid and Snape that we found

Heather as Liv Moore from iZombie

Heather and Jill as Princess Daisy and Luigi

Jay and Heather as Lupin and Tonks from Harry Potter

Our Super Mario group

Slytherin Karl Lagerfeld?

Emily and Bill as Steampunk Kaylee and Mal from Firefly

Matt with Thor's Hammer. It weighed over 50 pounds!

Matt and me as Lucius Malfoy and Sybill Trelawney
We'll be back for Dragon Con 2016 so stay tuned next year for more costumes and geeky fun!