Feeling Impatient About Moving Forward

I just stumbled across this draft of a blog post that I abandoned back in 2011!  At this time I already knew I would be quitting my job sometime within the next year and i was getting very anxious. Here were my thoughts from four years ago.

With the tiny house finally coming together and our years of hard work are paying off, I am feeling more and more anxious about the next steps. Next weekend we'll be heading up to Mt. Matt for four days (we took Monday and Tuesday off of work) and based on the work schedule, I think we can get a lot accomplished.  I just have to get through this week and I am sorely in need of a vacation.  Yes, working on our tiny house is definitely a vacation.
September 2011

I decided to spend my pent up energy on organizing some information about the things that will go into our tiny house.  See, all I really want to do is live simply and be solely responsible for myself (and Matt and Piglet, our Sphynx Cat).  I've written briefly before about our gray water and composting toilet systems. Matt has also shared in his one and only post here about our power system.  I don't need to go into much detail about that. But there are some practical items we will be getting soon.

In regards to furniture, we have two small chairs that are actually from our larger sectional that we had in our great big house. Before we even began building the house we spent a lot of time measuring the chairs to make sure they would fit in the space we were building.  We also bought a wall mounted drop leaf table for our "dining room".  With that we will have two directors chairs which can be folded and stored if we didn't need them.  Behind the "dining room" area will be the ladder up to the loft.  I like the design this New York woman uses in her 90 square foot apartment with the safety railing. Since I am afraid of heights, having the handle gives me some peace of mind.

Speaking of the loft, I am also planning on building some cat steps that will mount to the wall on the other side of the loft so Piglet can access the loft easily. Though Matt thinks she can navigate the ladder. We can see if that is an option.  Maybe if we wrap the ladder rungs in sisal. That will help her with traction. In either case, we'll make sure our kitty has access to us. 

The cat will also need a litter box, and like other tiny house dwellers with feline companions, we will  be setting aside the floor space of one small closet for Piglet's box.

The kitchen is exciting. We have designed some shelves that I am excited about installing and then sharing here on the blog. We already have some dishes for the house so having a place to store them feels so advanced.  We are also going to be getting a water purifier.

Then I stopped. And never published it. I think about that time and remember the equal feelings of excitement and fatigue.  We were looking forward to moving into the tiny house and starting the next chapter of our lives but at the same time we just wanted it to be over with because we were tired of building all the time. (Though, we managed to find other projects to keep building. We apparently can't sit still. Within a couple months of moving into the tiny house we were already building other things.)

Now, in 2015, I am so grateful to have had this experience. From building the house for three years to living in it for three years. It has been exactly what we needed to propel us into the next phase of our lives. What will happen next? All kinds of things are brewing so you'll just have to stick around to discover them along with us.


  1. I think living in a tiny space is entirely doable and this blog really just proves it! Just properly organize your storage and be frugal with what you buy and keep. I can't imagine doing it myself in New Castle, but it IS doable! Haha!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Nathan.

      Yes, it is entirely doable and since I am doing it I suppose that I am proof!


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