TV in Our Tiny House Lives

We got into this tiny house thing at just the right time in history. I can have a vast library of books and music on my phone so my tiny house doesn't get cluttered with things I love but take up too much space.

Just today, a friend asked on his Facebook page:

If you could only keep one of these would you keep the pleasure of movies, books, TV or music?

As much as I enjoy each of those things, I didn't hesitate to answer.

I would keep TV. 

And thankfully, once again, that I live in a time when TV doesn't have to tether us to the cable companies or even an actual television for that matter.

I do love TV. I love the art of TV. I get really into certain TV creators and have to watch everything they've ever done. Like Joss Whedon. Or Bryan Fuller. Right now I am really into Brian Fuller, especially with the premier of Hannibal season 3 coming up. I don't just like to watch TV. When I see something I like I need to learn everything I can about it. Is it is a historical story? Is it based on something else? Who are the actors? Are there hidden Easter eggs? What else has this writer done? I read reviews of every TV show I watch just to get someone else's perspective.

I thought I would have to give up TV when I moved into the tiny house. And for the first six months, I did. And some people would think this was the noble act. Our culture spends too much time in front of the TV, of course, so why would someone want to go back to TV after abandoning it?

But I missed it.

What I didn't miss was the filler TV that I would watch in my life before. You know, the marathons of reality TV. I would find myself in front of the TV for hours on a Saturday watching things I didn't actually care about when I just didn't have the energy to do anything else.

But I missed the art of TV.

The answer was simple: streaming television. We didn't need cable to watch most of the shows we really love. We just needed a good internet connection and services like Hulu Plus. And so a new era of TV enjoyment was born in our tiny house. The era where TV watching is deliberate.

Of course, streaming television doesn't provide access to everything. Our solution to the things we can't watch over the internet is to make them social events. Shows like HBO's Game of Thrones we watch with friends. We go to a local bar to watch Detroit Lions football games in the fall. These experiences make them more than just TV watching. 

Simplifying your life doesn't have to mean giving up all your creature comforts or even luxuries. Each tiny house is different and should reflect the lives and interests of the people who live there. If you love books, by all means figure out a way to store your favorite books in your tiny house. If you love TV, have TV. Keep your musical instruments, your knitting, or your painting. If you love sports, incorporate them into your lives and your tiny home. Your tiny house will be different than mine and that is not only okay, it is encouraged.

What do you love that you couldn't give up regardless of the size of your home?


  1. Can I ask how you are able to stream TV through the internet in your tiny house? I've been looking into it for my off-grid build but I can't seem to find many options without being hooked into the grid.

    1. Great question. Thanks for asking. Since we both work from home too reliable internet was extremely important. We use a wireless hotspot from our mobile phone provider. We do t have unlimited data but we can add more to it when necessary.

  2. FYI...we don't have cable and use netflix/huluplus/amazon prime...we missed HBO too, BUT now we have apple tv and they allow you to pay $15 for HBO/month WITHOUT CABLE!!! WHOOO HOOO!!!! Although you may like to get with friends to watch, you do have an option to do it at your house. The apple tv device is just a wireless device hooked to internet connected to your tv (or laptop).

    1. Absolutely. I am trying to wait it out until HBO offers it on all platforms. We already have a roku and a chromecast so I'd like to pare down to just one of those devices.


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