Asheville SHAC, Public Hearings, and ADUs

Tomorrow is a big day for Asheville SHAC.

Our city has proposed changes to the regulations surrounding accessory dwelling units, making them easier to build in the city. While this doesn't necessarily help the cause of tiny houses on wheels it is one step in the right direction of making small and tiny houses viable in Asheville. Our city is facing a major housing crisis and every small change makes a big difference.

So, tomorrow, the representatives from Asheville SHAC and any support we can drum up from the community will be at the city council meeting at City Hall starting at 5pm.

If you're an Asheville voter, we could use your support. If you're interested in helping your city make similar changes, you can follow along here and at the Asheville SHAC Facebook page. We will be documenting the experience.

Thank you for your support! 


  1. The resolution passed! Thank you for your support. We are excited that these changes will start some Asheville residents on a path to affordable housing, whether renting or buying.

  2. That is wonderful news! What is the smallest square footage home that someone can build in Asheville, NC?

    I am very interested in the tiny house movement and I am considering building a 400-500 square foot home for my preschooler and I. The financial freedom the tiny house movement provides is very attractive.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks for your comment! 400 to 500 square feet should actually be doable within the city limits. The city is interested in working with people for affordable housing so once you get in touch with a contractor I would reach out to the code and zoning office to determine your plan.


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