The Continuing Adventures of Life Outside 120 Square Feet

It has recently occured to me that my blog title is somewhat inaccurate.

I'm not going to change it or anything - it is part of my "brand" and ultimately the most important part of my journey. But building a house with my own hands and living in it has given me so many opportunities outside of the 120 square foot space that it doesn't adequately describe what my life is like.

Here are some recent events going on in our lives.
  1. Piglet is doing well. Piggy recently had surgery to remove a cancerous mass in her jaw. It was malignant but it appears they may have removed the entirety of the cancer. Our kitty is doing very well and continues to heal. While Piglet has been in recovery we have been staying at a house in town so she doesn't have to climb up and down the ladder or platforms in the tiny house.
  2. Our State Magazine's December issue. During the last couple months we have also been talking with Our State Magazine. We spoke with a reporter and they also sent a photographer out to our tiny house to take photos of us going about our daily business. The story, which will feature other North Carolina tiny housers, will appear in the December issue. Watch your newsstands to get the issue!  
  3. Traveling time! Now that things are mostly back to normal with Piglet we can focus on our next adventure: a 2 week trip to London, England. We planned this trip months ago. We are meeting two of our friends in London and exploring the city and surrounding area. We leave on Monday, October 20th and I am really looking forward to this. Travel is one of my greatest pleasures and the tiny house has afforded us the opportunity spend quite a bit of time in other places. Because I work for myself I don't have to worry about taking vacation time - I just readjust my schedule before I leave. We are also planning an epic month long trip in February. To get out of the cold mountains during late winter we are exploring the South Eastern coast from St. Augustine, FL to Wilmington, NC and several places in between. I can't wait for that trip as well. 
These are the things that living in a tiny house allows us to do. It really gives us the opportunity to live our lives outside of our tiny house in a way that enriches and engages us.  What could a tiny house do for you?