Tiny House Giant Journey's Trip to 120 Squre Feet

Earlier this summer, Guillaume of Tiny House Giant Journey was in Asheville, NC to host a workshop for Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. We met him at Bar of Soap on Friday night after I got off shift and had a couple beers. He invited Matt and me to the workshop the next day to tell a little bit about our story and answer some questions.

We are super glad that we did this and we met some great people there.

Here is the post I wrote about it after it happened.

But while Guillaume was in town he went with Matt and Art Cormier to see our tiny house while I worked another shift at Bar of Soap. I really wish I could have been there that afternoon but I am excited about the photos that Guillaume took!

Check them out! (All photos courtesy of Guillame Dutilh and used with permission.)

Our old barn.

Front view. This makes it look like 2 barns squished together, which isn't entirely inaccurate.

View from the Folk N' Ale

Matt at the Tiny House

Our trails.

Thanks so much to Guillaume for taking these photos. I love how he made our tiny house look huge and the land look magical. These photos gives me the same feelings I get when I realize how lucky I am to live in this little house on this mountain.


  1. Beautiful just beautiful...You live in such a gorgeous spot.
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. Oh my goodness! What a stunning little home! I would simply love a bolt hole like this...i'm not sure I could live here as just my snowboarding and craft gear alone would fill up the space, but it's beautiful. Love the pics.

  3. Is there a kitchen or a bathroom? The main rom looks great but I didn't see those other 2 modern essntials.

    1. The area with the green counter tops is the kitchen. Ours is very simple. I recommend searching our site for kitchen t learn more.

      The area next to the kitchen is the bathroom. We have written about that on the site as well.


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