Tiny House Weekend and Our Foundation

This weekend was fabulous. As it turns out, I discovered that Guillaume of Tiny House Giant Journey was going to be in Asheville presenting the Tumbleweed Tiny House workshop. On Friday, when he arrived to town, he met up with Matt and me at Bar of Soap just after I got off work.

We talked about tiny houses, beer, and other fun topics. It was grand. Then he suggested we come out to the workshop the next day toward the end and answer a few questions and stick around for the mixer afterward.

So, we did.

We met some really great people from the greater Asheville area. It was a perfect time for the workshop because the recent article in the local paper, the Mountain Express, was giving the local tiny house scene a push.

I know Guillaume has some photos... when he gets home maybe I'll get them from him and replace this sentence with pictures. Or maybe I'll make a whole new post.

However, I spent a while with a great guy named Bob who was very interested in learning more about our foundation. I thought I would also share this link from a post I did on Tiny House Talk a while back that goes through the steps.

Guillaume and Art even came out to see Matt play some music on Saturday night. Good times!  

On Sunday I had picked up a shift back at Bar of Soap so Matt took Art and Guillaume up to the tiny house in the afternoon. They seemed to like it...

It is always so great to meet others who have built and live in their own tiny homes. I am very happy to be a part of this community!