4 Things to Do When You Need a Break from Your Tiny House

There are a few "standard" questions we get asked all the time when it comes to living in a tiny house. You can see the FAQ at the top of the page for most of them and our answers.

Probably the second most common question is: 
"How do you live in such a small space with another person?" 

As with everything there is a short answer and a long answer.

The short answer is that we never really thought we couldn't live in a small space with each other. We just figured we could make it work. And we have.

The long answer involves one very specific truth about tiny houses:

We are in no way forced to stay inside our 120 square foot house 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Don't get me wrong, we love our small space. We also love our entire mountain and have built outdoor spaces so we can enjoy it. We also love our nearest city, Asheville, and enjoy spending time there either by ourselves, together, or with other friends. The possibilities are endless.

Here are the top 4 things we do when we want to get out of the tiny house.
  1. Go to the movies. Just inside the city limits of Asheville when we drive in from the north is an awesome place called the Brew N' View. It is owned by Asheville Brewing Company which is, as you might expect, a brewery. It is also a pizza place and it has a huge theater in a big back room. It isn't stadium seating with all the modern conveniences, but movies cost 3 dollars and you can also buy pizza and beer. We do this all the time. Sometimes we see movies we had no intention of seeing but for the price and the day out it is a great deal. Of course, for more conventional movie choices there are several regular theaters in our town. If you just want to get out of the house and relax, a movie is a great idea. (Especially in hot summer to get out of a non-climate controlled tiny house during the hottest part of the day! Trust me.)
  2. Go to the bar. Okay, I may be biased but the beer and bar culture in Asheville was one of the things that drew me to this area in the first place. I am not suggesting that you go out every night and get sloshed but a beer at a favorite brewery or local hangout spot is a great way to connect with others in the community. We often strike up conversations with strangers. Some of them become friends and others we never talk to again. It is all part of the experience. We are spoiled because there is such a vibrant bar scene in our area but I imagine there is somewhere fun to go in your town as well. 
  3. Go for a hike. Our tiny house is nestled in the North Carolina Appalachian mountains so the outdoor activities are plentiful. I prefer low impact events like hiking over more adventurous ones like white water rafting. A moderate hike in the mountains is a great way to spend an afternoon. Bring a picnic to enjoy on your way. Other fun outdoor activities include camping or river tubing.
  4. Travel. Our entire plan from the moment we broke ground on our tiny house was to spend much of our time traveling. The tiny house was a catalyst to be able to change our jobs and have more flexibility in our schedules. Traveling is a great way to get out of the tiny house and see other places. We do a lot of this in the winter when the cabin fever potential is higher. We travel to spend time with friends or family. We've been to Michigan, New Mexico, Arizona, Atlanta, Savannah, Minneapolis and we're heading to London toward the end of this year. 
What are some of the things you do to get out of the house form time to time? 


  1. 1. Work....I still have to provide a living for myself. I work 2 days each week.
    2. Travel...I love to travel, it makes me appreciate what I have and I don't dwell on what I don't have.
    3. Walk...I walk every morning at daybreak for health reasons...but it is a time for me to gather my thoughts, pray, sing, etc.
    4. Share a Meal...occasionally I get invited to share a meal with my landlords...it gives me time away from myself, and time to share with them...we always have a great time!

  2. Love this! We don't necessarily live in a tiny house, but we choose to live in a very tiny apartment so that we can save money for travel. I find that people ask us this question a lot too! It always makes me laugh because so many of us have outdoor hobbies (hiking, biking, kayaking, etc.) Great post!


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