The Tiny Table: Poor Man's Bibinbap

So, I had a lot of extra eggs. I also recently bought some sriracha and wanted to use it on all the things. I needed a dish I could use both of these ingredients in. The idea: a kind of cheater bibinbap.

What is a bibinbap, you say? 

This Korean dish is typically made up of rice, vegetables, meat, and an egg kind of like a stir fry but not really. Some traditional places serve it in a center-of-the-earth-hot stone bowl. In this case the cooked ingredients are all thrown in with a raw egg on top that is cooked by the time the bowl reaches your table.There is a local Asheville food truck called El Kimchi that services Korean/Mexican fusion (just, trust me) and their bibimbap-to-go is one of my favorite treats.

Bibimbap is delicious and very customizable. Which is why the thought of eggs and sriracha let to "bibimbap!"

My recipe was nowhere near traditional, but it was tasty and easy to make. It pretty much went like this:
  1. Get some stir-fry veggies. We chose broccoli, carrots, and mushrooms. 
  2. Get some meat or other protein. We chose chicken.
  3. Make brown rice. Follow package directions.  
  4. Make a stir fry sauce. We mix stuff like soy sauce, water, honey, and corn starch together. Usually we add chili oil but this time we put sriracha in it. 
  5. Cook. Start with the meat, add the mushrooms. Then broccoli and carrots go in toward the end along with the sauce. 
  6. Fry an egg. Over-easy or over-medium will do so you get that delicious yolk when you cut into it. 
  7. Plate. Throw some rice on a place, add the stir fry, top with egg, artfully decorate with sriracha and dig in! 

This meal does need two fry pans, or you could poach the egg if you prefer. Otherwise, it is an easy meal to cook. Enjoy a poor man's bibinbap next time you're thinking about stir fry.


  1. If you can find Korean BBQ sauce (or a recipe for it) that's the ticket for the meat. Or a Korean marinade.

    I love this stuff!!!!


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