Revisiting A Day in the Life

Recently I asked for feedback on my Facebook page. What do people want to read about when it comes to my tiny and deliberate lifestyle? One reader asked about a snapshot - a day in the life - of our tiny house.

In October of 2012 I recorded an audio file describing what it was like living in our tiny house day to day. I just gave it a listen and wanted to add a few things that I have learned since 2012. So here is the original recording.

Much of this still applies. I have acquired many more clients in my freelance writing business so I may not be done working until closer to 3 or 4pm. At the same time, I take several breaks during my day to step away from the computer and do other things such as my chores. I also make sure I take time to work on personal creative projects.

Also, I mentioned a specific bar that we went to on Mondays. Unfortunately it closed in December of 2013. However, we are still friends with one of the bartenders so we hang out with her from time to time instead. I also got a job at Bar of Soap and work there one day a week (Fridays). I still really love that place and it is a great resource for anyone without a washer and dryer in their home.

Tiny living for me is about a lot of personal growth. There are so many things I wouldn't be able to do if we hadn't built this place for ourselves.