5 Things I Couldn't Live Without in My Tiny House

Back at the beginning of January I shared a post about the 5 things we couldn't have built our tiny house without. This month I wanted to talk about a few little accessories that we have in our tiny house that we couldn't live without.

Building a tiny house is just one step removed from living in it. With the prevalence of DIY tiny home builders, it is equally as important that people understand how to be comfortable once you're inside it. If you're not, then what was the point? Of course, comfort can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.This is just a short list of some of the accessories that make our tiny house function well for us.

Some of these gadgets are unseen heroes and others are things we use every day. So what are they? Here is my list.

Nesting pots and pans. Space is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest challenges to living in a space smaller than 200 square feet. When we first moved in we had a small set of pots and pans from Ikea but with handles and lids they took up far too much valuable space. So we invested in a really nice set of stainless steel nesting pots and pans. Ours is this set by Magma. I also find the stainless steel very easy to cook with and clean.

Shower head holder. I know this sounds like a bizarre thing to include and obviously this won't apply to everyone with a tiny house, but this teensy accessory makes our shower experience work great for us. The holder is inexpensive and works with a suction cup attaching to the shower wall. Since we opted not to plumb our house and use our air pressurized shower contraption instead, having a place to set the shower head is essential. Depending on your shower, this could be useful for your house as well.

Small vacuum cleaner. We share our tiny house with our cat which also means we share it with our cat's litter box. In the 13 years of living with Piglet I have never managed to teach her how to wipe her paws when she's done. We use a mat to help catch the litter but it isn't perfect. On top of that, because we live on a mountain, we are always tracking something or another into the house even if we take our shoes off at the door. We sweep -- a lot -- but it helps to have a small vaccum to suck up some of the dirt. It also helps keep the FLOR carpet squares clean and neat in our loft.

The Norbo. This tiny table should be the offical mascot of tiny homes. I know about a dozen tiny home owners who use this very table in their homes. In truth, a folding table just like the Norbo would be easy to design and build but why bother when this one is inexpensive and well made? Not only do we use ours for eating meals but also it doubles as my desk since I work from home.

Remote control plug. And finally, one of the best purchases we've made for our tiny house is a remote control plug like this one. Since we don't have air conditioning we positioned the house to take advantage of the natural mountain breezes. A fan placed in the front window over the loft really helps keep the house cool in the summertime. However, the loft isn't the most accessible area of the house. We have to move the ladder from the sleeping loft over to the front storage loft, climb up, turn on the fan, and climb down. Then, if we want to go to bed, we don't have to climb up and down again every time we want to turn the fan on or off. By using a remote control plug we can turn the fan, or anything else plugged in, on and off from any where in the tiny house.

What kind of tiny house accessories do you think are essential? 


  1. My Top 5 Essentials for our Tiny House (in no particular order)

    • Dirt Devil Accucharge 15.6 volt handheld vacuum
    • DSL High Speed Internet (provided by CenturyLink)
    • Vissani 24 in. W 10 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator
    • Bedroom wall "built-in" nightstand with electrical outlets for iPhone recharging
    • Bodum non-breakable french press

  2. Since my tiny house will only be one floor (aging bodies do not acclimate well to ladders and lofts), under the bed storage is a must. Also, instead of hanging clothes, they will be put onto shelves in the tiny closet...and out of season items will be stored in bins under the bed! I also saw one tiny house that had steel ceiling joists, a perfect place to put magnetized tins for storing spices!! I like the Norbo table idea, but instead, plan to use two two drawer file cabinets to support a desk/table and use the drawers to store my craft and sewing items.

  3. Some good ideas since I'm hoping to move in mine later this year! I like this post


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