The Tiny Table: Turkey Chili

It has been ridiculously cold here in Asheville for the last month or so. I guess we have this polar vortex to blame. With other parts of the country facing much colder temps I am not going to pretend to be a winter martyr, but I will admit that I am not cut out for this kind of cold weather any more.

Since we are staying in town for the winter, we decided to buy a small crock pot. Depending on the type of energy you have in your tiny house, a slow cooker like ours would be perfect for just one or two people. We probably wouldn't use this at our tiny house because anything that converts energy to heat is a big draw on the solar power system.

But a cold winter is the perfect time for a hearty slow cooker meal.

Matt and I wanted a delicious turkey chili recipe so I turned to Pinterest where I found this delicious sounding meal.

We did this pretty much by the book except we left out the stewed tomatoes. I loved the use of garbanzo beans for this recipe. It was super easy to make. Browning the meat took the most time in the preparation. Well, that and dicing the onion. But once that was done we just threw it all in the slow cooker, plugged her in, and let it go for 8 hours. The resulting stew was absolutely delicious.

I did add cheese and sour cream when I served it. I also added more sriracha. You really can't have enough sriracha. (Also, those are Goldfish soup crackers artfully displayed on top!)

We ate about half of it on the first round and put the rest in the freezer. Leftovers are also something we never have in the tiny house. Because of our choice to live without refrigeration we make only enough for the two of us to eat for each meal. However, I am looking forward to heating that chili up again as the temperatures drop this week again.


  1. Well it was -13 actual temp -30 something this long weekend so my thought were in the same vein. I chose white chilli. Being a bachelor I took the easy way out....

    A large can of pre cooked great northern beans 2 cans of precooked chicken breast meat a can of chicken noodle soup a smidge of rosemary thyme cumin and oregano and a can of rotel diced tomatoes and green chillis. It was warmed an hour or so in the crock pot and taste tested ( OK it was a mediun size bowl for the taste test) It was good but more like chicken soup with beans. I was missing the chilli flavor. I took 2 large tablespoons of garlic salsa and added to a large bowl and tasted it .

    WOW ! That was it I added the entire pint jar to the batch.

    This is simply a open the cans and jars and pour in the crock pot. Total prep time less than 4 minutes ( even less with an electric can opener )

    Let the crock pot do its work and you have a great cold weather white chilli.


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