The Tiny Table: Seared Scallops

This weeks tiny table is cooked using a single skillet. one pot, and an oven - such as the camp chef camp oven. The main course is seared scallops and the side dishes are sauteed spinach and smashed potatoes.

This is a little more complex than most meals we cook in the tiny house but it was so freaking delicious. You just have to plan out your work space, clean as you go, and prepare for more dishes than normal.

In Asheville there is a seafood vendor who attends many of the local farmer's markets. This might not sound like the safest way to purchase fish and other seafood but as it turns out he is completely reputable and all the fish is extremely fresh. We grabbed some big delicious scallops and got to cooking.

The smashed potatoes take the longest. We used small red potatoes and boiled them until they were soft. Then we placed them on a cookie sheet and smashed each potato once using a potato masher. We drizzled them with olive oil and various seasonings (we used garlic and some Italian blend seasoning) before popping them in the oven. This is a very popular recipe on Pinterest so you will find a lot of possible options there.
Next, on to the spinach. If you have never made sauteed spinach before it really might be the easiest thing ever. You just need fresh baby spinach, olive oil, and garlic. Heat up the oil and toss in the garlic. Once it is slightly brown and smells really good, throw in a handful of spinach. It will cook down quickly and each time it does throw in another handful. Make as much as you want to eat.

Lastly, the scallops. These only take a few moments so set aside the cooked spinach and keep it warm. I just cover it in foil and it is fine. Then, use this recipe for the scallops from Alton Brown.

Once the scallops are done, pull the potatoes and spinach, plate and serve. Yum.