Super Secret Asheville Supper Club

I admit it - I really love food. I love good food prepared well by people who know what they are doing. This can be a hearty meal lovingly prepared by friends or family or it could be an amazing 5 course meal designed by a professional chef.

For the holidays this year I bought Matt tickets to a super secret Asheville area supper club. That dinner was yesterday. And it was amazing. So, as a slight departure from my normal tiny living blog, I wanted to share some food porn of this incredible meal.

Though I do believe that fun stuff like this is a part of my deliberate life.

Check this out:

Course the first: Buffalo Carpaccio and mushrooms poached in butter.

The couple next to us ordered this delicious looking drink.

Chicken Carbonara with hand made noodles

Tile fish with nori butter and rice.

Braised venison and cornbread.

We were consistently fascinated by our neighbor's drink choices. A PBR and a jello shot.

Peanut butter and chocolate bombe with fig leather and blueberries.

I ate every tiny morsel of food placed in front of us. The event was amazing. You are able to BYO to these events so we also brought two 32oz growlers of beer from Asheville Growler, owned by the same folks who own our favorite laundromat/bar. We had to kind of guess at what to bring with us because we didn't know what the menu would be so we selected a honey Belgian beer and an English IPA. Both were delicious with the meal. However, the bar where the event was held has an extensive list of specialty cocktails so Matt and I tried a couple of those. So delicious.

What kind of fun stuff have you been up to this winter? 


  1. I think that drink in a silver cup is a mint julep. At least, that's the traditional cup for a mint julep. What an odd cocktail for that dinner!!

    Looks really delicious!

    1. Yep, it was a mint julep. The bar was open to any order so I suppose they really wanted a mint julep. They also wanted a PBR and a jello shot - so there's that.

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