Presentation on Tiny Houses and Sustainability

Yesterday, Matt and I had a chance to speak at East Henderson High School near Asheville, North Carolina.

We were very impressed by the questions that the students asked us. They wanted to know everything from how our bathroom works to whether or not we thought people could help the environment with small changes to their lifestyles. One kid was excited to learn that we were real humans who play video games and go out with our friends rather than just hermits on a mountain.

I also shared with them the story of Sicily Kolbeck and her tiny house. They were very impressed by a fellow 14 year old's quest for independence.

Here is the PowerPoint presentation we used to facilitate the discussion.

Tiny Houses and Sustainability from lmlavoie

We hope to do more similar presentations in the future and are really happy that teachers and their students are interested in learning about alternative housing and sustainability.  


  1. This is great Laura. I wish more of us could find or be presented with opportunities to start working on and working with a new generation of young minds. Interesting that the students asked if people could help the environment with small changes. ABSOLUTELY and they know it. I think our youth WANT to make changes to help create a better future. Good job y'all.


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