Big thanks to Andrew Odom of Tiny r(E)volution for writing this and offering it to the greater Tiny House Community to share!

Just because you live in a tiny house does not mean you have to downsize your holiday expectations too! In fact, some of your favorite tiny housers have decorated their homes with BIG style preparing from Hanukkah, solstice, Christmas, and just the winter holidays in general. With an open mind and the right amount of creativity the merriment of the season can be showcased in even the tiniest of corners, the tops of tables, loft railings, and front porches, with simple decorations like vinyl adhesives, miniature Christmas trees, strings of lights, homemade garlands, paper snowflakes, and the like.

Below are a few of tiny house dwellers you may know and their inspired tiny house holiday looks.

Homes included in the virtual tour above:





  1. Lovely, sets me to wondering how tiny house people store the decor during the rest of the year.

    1. That is a great question, Steph.

      I our case, we have a barn on our property where we can store things. The little tinsel tree doesn't take up much room and we can pack up the ornaments in a plastic bin and store it in the barn the rest of the year.

  2. My husband and I will soon be moving into a tiny sailboat. The teeny tiny Christmas tree we have in the boat holds so much more meaning than the massive tree in our massive apartment. I predict it's just the beginning of us realizing it's not quantity that matters anymore!


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