2013 in the Tiny House

Unlike last December, this year marks the first full year for our tiny life. We moved into our tiny house in May of 2012. I thought I would recap my 2013 and talk a little about our next year in the tiny house.

I keep a Happiness Jar. Throughout the year, I add tiny slips of paper on which I have written the things that have happened that make us happiest. It can be a small thing like enjoying ice cream at the park or something big like a new job. I looked through my happiness jar and wanted to share just a few things we did in 2013.

Deek Diedricksen in Wilmington, NC
April 2013
Speaking Engagements! This year, we spoke at a Deek Diedricksen workshop in Wilmington NC, an Earth Day event in Spartanburg SC, a festival in Minnesota, a high school in Flat Rock NC, and a Dan Louche workshop here in Asheville. I am looking forward to doing more of this next year, including the first ever Tiny House Conference in April. (BTW, you can still get $50 off until the clock strikes 2014, so click on the link in the sidebar if you're interested in attending!)

In other tiny house community news this year I also started as the co-host of Andrew Odom's Tiny r(E)volution podcast, the r(E)vo Convo. We also partnered with fellow NC tiny housers Ryan Mitchell and Steven Harrell to form Tiny House NC. It is still barebones, but we have some ideas for the future.

Kristie Wolfe

We also got to meet and hang out with Kristie Wolfe of Tiny House on the Prairie when she rolled into town on the Big Idaho Potato.

I had some professional accomplishments this year. I received a lot of additional work from my two biggest clients. I now earn almost as much as a freelance writer as I did when I left my recruiting position in Atlanta. I also picked up a part time job at my favorite laundromat that is also a bar, Bar of Soap. It is so much fun.

Probably the biggest news of my life in 2013 was the publication of my first book 120 Ideas for Tiny Living

Matt won a Fat Tire bike in a raffle. That was pretty neat.We also traveled to New Mexico and Arizona to visit some friends. We went glamping in Minnesota with some other friends. We made our annual trek to Atlanta for Dragon Con. We celebrated Asheville beer week. Some friends came down to visit us. It was a really great year.

So, what am I looking forward to in 2014? This is the point where a lot of people make resolutions. I do want to exercise more and be more healthy, but I should just do that anyway not just because it is a new year.

A friend and colleague likes to create themes for each year. She picks a word that encapsulates that theme and works toward living that value every day in the new year. I think that is a great idea.

My theme for 2014 is Hospitality!

This year I want to host friends at the tiny house, show them around Asheville, and welcome people into my life. I want to make more local friends. I want to engage more with others. I want to give of myself so others can feel welcome and comfortable. That is my goal for 2014.

What things are you most proud of from 2013? What do you want to accomplish in 2014?


  1. I want to accomplish the task of making myself healthier.

  2. You already make your readers feel welcome, so that is a great resolution.Happy New Year!


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