A Trip to Visit Tiny r(E)volution and Mother Earth Brewery

What do tiny house people do when they get together?

We hang out, drink amazing craft beer, and talk for hours. 

This past weekend, Matt and I drove 5 hours from Asheville to Pink Hill, NC to visit the Odoms and their Tiny r(E)volution. What a great weekend!

Drew and me standing under the Mother Earth Brewery sign

Mother Earth Brewing is one of my favorite non-Asheville breweries. It is great to see it in this small, rural North Carolina town where they are helping to revitalize the area. Saturday was the release of their winter seasonal, Silent Night. We tried that and a few other beers that are hard to find on the western side of the state. My favorite was the Yumsplosion Double IPA.

It is great to hang out with Drew. We usually talk once a week when we record the r(E)vo Convo podcast so I think we've gotten to know each other pretty well. It was also great to get to know Crystal more. The Odoms are just plain good people!

We stayed in the Tiny r(E)volution guest house. The tiny building is typically used for Drew's office but they have a sweet murphy bed design. It was very comfortable. I am also impressed with their shower shack. Seeing their design makes me want to modify our outdoor shower platform for guests at Mt. Matt.

I love having adventures with other tiny house people. Every time we get together with someone else who has built or who lives in a small space we are fired up with new ideas. This is a great community even if we are all pretty far from each other. Take every opportunity you can to get together with tiny house people - you won't regret it.