Tiny House Diary: October 2013

Back when I started this blog in March of 2010 it was really just a journal of our building experience. Each time we made a trip up to Asheville to work on the tiny house I would take a lot of photos and come home to recap everything that went into the weekend.

Since moving into the tiny house I have found writing a journal like that to be difficult. Everything felt the same. It felt normal - like living in any other house, just small. What would I write? "Woke up, worked on computer, had lunch, did my chores, took a shower, enjoyed the evening."

However, I had a marvelous time in the tiny house this weekend and I thought I might share a little about what we did. Along with photos, of course.

On Friday we decided to make dinner and enjoy it out on the Folk N' Ale. We built a fire - as you can see above - and enjoyed the entire evening out doors.

Our meal was very simple. We through some chicken in a pan and cooked it in an Indian simmer sauce. The sauce of choice - Tikka Masala. Yum. We also made a pot of basmati rice. Oh, and we enjoyed a pumpkin beer - which I will write about here but I haven't gotten to it yet so check back soon!

After the sun went down we made s'mores over the camp fire. We used peanut butter cups instead of plain chocolate. Also yum.

Later we watched an episode of my current favorite TV show, Supernatural, and went to bed.

Saturday was also full of fun. Well, I can say that now since it is over. There was nothing overly traumatic but I was pretty exhausted.

We drove up to Hot Springs, a town north of Asheville that isn't too far from the tiny house. On the recommendation of a friend who use to be a river guide in that area we stopped at a trail that followed the Laurel River for three and a half miles until it met up to the French Broad River. That part was fine. However, if you hike 3.5 miles, you have to hike the same 3.5 miles back to the car. This was where I had enough. I like to hike but 7 miles was a lot. In hindsight, though, I am glad I did it.

After the hike we slowly limped into the town of Hot Springs for a couple of drinks and dinner.

It was a wonderful weekend. I am really glad we have opportunities like this because of the tiny house and because of Western North Carolina. We couldn't love a place more than we love this part of the Appalachians.

And, just for fun here is a photo of Piglet enjoying her platforms in the tiny house.


  1. LOVE your blog, Laura!! :) You sound truly happy now. You're really making people think about the way they are living. Please keep writing!

    1. Thank you Diane! I really appreciate your support. Thanks for reading my crazy adventures.

  2. Thanks for your posts and pictures! My husband and I are preparing to move to either TN, where his family is, or NC. Currently we live in CA. I love to read about how you enjoy your life in NC especially since I have never lived in the south, Adventure abounds! Oh, we will def. try the s'more recipe adj. soon! Yum!

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  4. I live in Western, N.C. I currently own a condo that I want to sell.. and am so drawn to the idea of living in a tiny house for so many great reasons! What process would you recommend to look into and begin to make such a move...


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