Excerpt from 120 Ideas for Tiny Living: Fried Egg Sandwich

The following is an excerpt from my book 120 Ideas for Tiny Living. It is currently available as a paperback or for Kindle
2. Fried Egg Sandwich

Let’s start out our first Tiny House morning with a simple breakfast recipe.

Easy preparation is important for cooking in a small space with sparse resources. This fried egg sandwich couldn’t be any simpler and it is so delicious.

You need:
English muffins
Cheese (cheddar or another favorite)
Bell Peppers (I prefer green, but you can use any color)

Toast the English muffins. We do this using our cast iron skillet because we do not have a toaster. We put a little butter on the muffins and place them face down until they are golden brown and delicious. When they are removed we add a teeny bit of olive oil to the pan. You could add more butter if you prefer. We slice the bell peppers so they make rings about a quarter to a half an inch thick and place them in the pan until you they have a little char. Crack an egg in the middle of each ring. Cook the egg until the yolk is just the way you like it, flipping about halfway through. I like my yolks a little soft so we only cook them for a minute or two on each side. Place the cheese on the hot egg and pepper and cover the pan to allow it to melt before placing the whole thing on the English muffin. Enjoy.


  1. and all done in 1 skillet, I like it!

  2. I'm a huge advocate of fried egg sandwiches, and I'm not even living in my tiny space yet! I'm really looking forward to reading your book.

  3. I never heard of the ring of pepper idea; I'm going to try it with a red pepper this weekend!
    I don't know if I'll ever get to build a tiny house, but I moved to a "fringe" neighborhood. My 60 year old house is just 900sf, but it's on 1.5 acres, only 12 minutes from downtown Dallas, and cost just $55,000. The street on which I live has a lot of "po' folk" (as they call themselves) but we are rich in community and watch out for each other. Much as I would love to do what you did, this is my (at least for now) tiny lifestyle.


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