Blogger Burnout and the Broken Record

I can't begin to tell you how many blog posts I've started writing this summer and never finished or published. Every time I sat down thinking of something so say I would start to second guess my message. I hit the "save" button and never thought about it again. I would return a few days later to start something new and abandon it in the same way.

Suddenly the idea of living in our 120 square foot house was no longer a novelty to share but rather just a fact of life. Living in this house is just like living in any other house. What more could I possibly say? I was suffering from some pretty intense blogger burnout. My story just wasn't interesting to me any more.

Then I read this post by my friend Jason Spencer.
When you accept the lie that your voice is a broken record, guess what happens?
You shut up.
You stop speaking.
You repress your core message.
You keep your gifts, your strength, your spark inside.
You spit in the face of the needs in the world.
You rot in bitter selfishness.
You die.
Kind of harsh, right?
But, it’s the honest truth.
If you truly believe in purpose, that you were meant to serve a need in the world, who exactly are you to buy into a lie like this and shut down?
And I really understood what he was saying, as if he was saying it only to me. This blog has many purposes. It is a diary of my life. It promotes tiny living. It shares experiences with off the grid systems.

There are always new people coming into the tiny house community. These are people who are looking for guidance, experience, and personal stories. While this blog is also about connecting to the people I already know and love I always need to keep new readers in mind. I always need to make sure that they are hearing my distinct voice and my consistent message.

My name is Laura and I live in a 120 square foot house with my partner that we built with our own hands. We built this house to experience life in a new way.

We live deliberately.


  1. That is a lesson for all of us. Thank you for pointing it out - it needs to be said out loud sometimes.

  2. Keep on being you Laura! I love what you are up to, and the world needs you in all of your beauty, gifts and strength!

  3. I too have a lot to say and am just starting to come into my own after giving myself permission to put words to paper...or in this case screen.
    Don't give up and don't burn out. I enjoy what you write so please don't stop. I am but one voice but I am sure I am not the only one.
    Sandi Allen/Salem OR


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