*Hashtag* My Morning View

Earlier this year, Tammy Strobel of Rowdy Kittens started a photo project called My Morning View.

Her morning photos have encouraged a number of other bloggers to do the same and has created its very own hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. 

Up until today, I hadn't taken the time to do it for myself. An average day for me starts with rolling out of bed, turning on the computer, and starting to write.

This morning I decided - for the first time in a while - to slow down a little. I slept in and when I woke I leisurely made some hot cocoa and thought, "I should take a photo of this!"

And so - #mymorningview

The night before while I sat up in the loft with a book and the cat, Matt was sitting on the sofa playing some music. I snapped this photo - let's call it #myeveningview

Matt and I like to take on a lot of projects. Our tiny life isn't necessarily any slower paced than our previous life - but it is the life we want. We currently have the opportunity to rehab a gorgeous 1940s bungalow near downtown Asheville so we've been spending a lot of our days doing that. We have some ideas for future projects, too. I can't imagine a world where we aren't building something.

What projects are you working on right now? How do you take time off and relax from them?


  1. re: morning views - I guess the real question is ...who cares? Must we expose every minute our lives to everyone? And if everyone is posting, who's really reading and watching? and why? Are we just enjoying being the nosy neighbors?

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  2. For me it is about being more mindful of my time and my surroundings. I can't speak for other bloggers but I feel sharing this kind of information can help people see why I live the way I do.

  3. Ok, I can see that. Though I must say that your choice of morning view, your decision to live a simpler life, the decision to live in a tiny home and your contentment are all distinct choices you've made and no one requires the other! Post on happy blogger!


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