The Tiny Table: Jerk Shrimp and Noodles

Years ago, when Matt and I lived in our big house in Atlanta, we would often buy this frozen seafood product. When our local grocery store stopped carrying it, we were sad. Apparently it is still made but not sold in North Carolina and I am not too keen on ordering shrimp on the internet.

But I thought to myself, "Self, I might be able to recreate this dish!"

It's not like jerk marinade is difficult to find or anything.

So I went to our local store and bought some jerk sauce, frozen shrimp, and angel hair pasta.

I marinaded the shrimp in the jerk sauce for probably about `10 minutes or so while I boiled the angel hair. Once the angel hair was done, I drained it and set it aside. I threw the shrimp in a skillet. I chose frozen cooked shrimp but you could do it with either cooked or raw - just make sure the shrimp is nice and pink and you'll know it is done.

After I was happy with the shrimp (they curl up too and get so cute and yummy), I threw the pasta in to cook in the sauce, tossing it with tongs to get it coated. If you want a little extra kick, which I do sometimes, you can add some crushed red pepper flakes as well.

It won't take long for the pasta to be coated with the sauce and once that is done, the dish is ready. It is super quick and really easy to prepare, even in a very tiny off the grid kitchen.

I served it with a local spring seasonal beer from Highland Brewery right here in Asheville.


  1. LOL...I know John and even my in-laws would all love this? Me? Not so much. I'm allergic to seafood. Okay...not really...but my tastebuds are, lol. But a fine display of chefness here. :)
    PS - Da Vinci LOVES his toy. My mom-in-law got him a duck from the dollar store and he destroyed it within 24 hours. Your piggie toy? Still going strong, haha.


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