Our House Featured in The Laurel of Asheville

I am so excited to be able to share this information. There is a long history of the making of this article.

Before we even moved into the tiny house last year, I got an email from the folks at The Laurel of Asheville, an arts and culture magazine based here in Western North Carolina. However, in spite of writing our own blog, Matt and I prefer to keep our tiny house pretty private. We were concerned about inviting a photographer up to the tiny house.

Occasionally, the Laurel contacted us to see if we had changed our minds. They assured us they would respect our privacy in the article. So, finally, we agreed to the meeting.

In January we met Leah, the author, at a nearby coffee shop to talk about our tiny house and experience. Then Paul, the photographer, joined us and we went up to the tiny house to show them around. They took photos and asked a few more questions. They were both absolutely delightful people. I was glad we agreed to meet with them.

And now, in the may issue of The Laurel of Asheville (available online) you can see the result of that meeting. I am incredibly pleased with the article and they were, as they said, very respectful of us. The only regret I have is doing the photo shoot in January when it was so cold! 

“There was never an ounce of wanting to give up. It never crossed our minds,” says Matt. He and Laura had their share of frustrations, however, especially when hoisting 2,400 pounds of cement up a hill and setting the foundation in the rain. “If it’s not something you want to do, all that stuff is going to stop you,” he advises, adding that the tiny house lifestyle is not for everyone. “The basic skills aren’t that hard. It’s having the patience and working through the hard parts.”
 Check out the entire story here!  


  1. How awesome is that! Tiny house living is amazing! :-)

  2. Congrats. And yeah, Matt's last name makes me giggle. :)


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