Earth Day 2013 at University of South Carolina Upstate in Spartanburg, SC

I have been talking a lot about our upcoming events - like the Wilmington NC workshop this weekend. I also mentioned our trip about an hour south of Asheville to speak at the University of South Carolina Upstate's Earth Day event.

It was a great time. We arrived just in time to see the first speaker - the school's librarian - who talked about her experience on a work study trip to Kenya to map animal populations. It was a great way to see education in action.

We were the second speakers and I think the students and professors in attendance enjoyed our presentation. We talked about our choices to go tiny, our lives before we made this decision, and how it impacts our lives today. We talked about our systems including solar power and our water usage. Our talk was about a half an hour and  for the second half hour we got a lot of great questions. I was very pleased.

After our presentation a graduate of UNC Upstate, who is currently working on a PHD program at University of North Carolina Charlotte, spoke about sustainability in the Piedmont area.

It was also fun connecting with an old friend. Not old in the age sense but old in the length of time we have known each other. The professor of Geology at UNC Upstate and I go way back - to high school. We also went to the same college but started at different times. She was friends with Matt before I was even a freshman. So, it is partly her fault for introducing us that we have been together to unleash our unusual brand of combined oddness on to the planet. 

This weekend is our second event. I am beyond excited to meet everyone listed on this poster and the additional guests who have been announced since this was printed! 

At Earth Day we were talking primarily to people who had never heard of the Tiny House Movement. This weekend we are going to be in the thick of it. It is the largest gathering of tiny bloggers and builders ever assembled. 25 workshop attendees are there specifically to learn how to build a small house and hear what we have to say about our own tiny experiences. I can't wait.

While the presentation yesterday involved PowerPoint slides in a campus lecture hall, our talk at the workshop will be held around a campfire and be pretty casual.

I live this life because I love it. Before we built our tiny house I knew something was missing from my life but I wasn't exactly sure what. I knew I needed to make a change and I sincerely hoped this was the right one. Turns out, it was exactly what I needed. Regardless of our ecological impact or our financial goals, living in this tiny house has made me reconnect with myself. I'm more engaged with my own life and, as a result, with the world around me.  

I want to share this experience with others not because I want everyone to build a tiny house but because I want everyone to consider what it is that will make their life feel complete and strive for that. Live deliberately.


  1. Wonderful post! Good luck with your talks this weekend and I'm glad your presentation at USC went well. Safe travels, too. :)

  2. This is a great post, and I second Cyndi's congrats and well wishes. :)


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