Can Workshops be Every Weekend?

I had such an amazing time at the Wilmington Tiny House Workshop. I really wish I could do the event justice by writing about it, but I don't believe that is possible.

There were so many bloggers and builders there - people I have known for a very long time but never met. I got to meet Andrew and Crystal Odom, Alex Pino, Kent Griswold, Steven Harrell, and Derek Diedricksen. I also got to see Ryan Mitchell, Joe, and Mariah Coz again. I keep thinking I've missed someone but I don't think I have. Of course we were also able to meet 25 or so attendees, all with a different story and with different ideas but all of whom were interested in tiny living.

There is no real way to describe the feeling you get from going to these types of events. Our enthusiasm for Tiny Houses has never waned and yet I find myself even more excited to start new projects. We even have an idea for a second tiny house of our own!

I did get quite a few photos. I do wish I had taken more photos of all the bloggers. Next time I will be sure to do just that.

So, I thought I would just share the photos I do have from the weekend and let you see it for yourself. The little home office that was being build didn't get 100% finished but got pretty close.

Building the office for Tiny House Listings
Ryan Mitchell looking pensive in the tiny house.
Tennessee Tiny Homes Shows off the "Outhouse"

A photo from the inside

Another outdoor photo

Deek Diedricksen and the Tiny House

If you've ever thought about attending a tiny house workshop, especially a hand-on one, I can't recommend it enough. It is certainly great to network with like-minded people. It is also a good idea to get familiar with tools, safety, and building basics before you start your own tiny house. 


  1. I wish you would bring a tiny house workshop to Des Moines, Iowa. So many people are interested once they hear about it.

    1. Good Morning Jane. Thanks for reading the blog. As of right now I just do speaking engagements, not full workshop planning. I'm sure a tiny house company would be interested in Iowa if they knew of the desire. I would check with Tumbleweed Tiny Houses or Four Lights Tiny Houses to see what they might have planned that will be nearby.

  2. Sweet! Glad you had fun and it looks like some awesome networking opportunities. :)


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