Build a Better Ladder

Back in November over on Tiny House Listings I wrote this post about ladders and stair cases in tiny houses.

I mentioned in that post that we had hooks on the front of both the sleeping loft and the storage loft so we could switch the ladder from side to side. Unfortunately, I did not have photos of these hooks, but many people asked about them.

I was up at the tiny house this weekend and snapped a few photos of how the hooks work.

This is the ladder on the bed side. You can see the eye hooks on the ladder and the J hooks on the front of the loft.

This is the storage loft side, which is over the door to the house. The J hooks are on the front of that loft as well.

To switch the position of the ladder you just lift it off of the J hooks and...

Move it over to the other loft. 

The ladder is neither light nor heavy. It is sturdy - built from 2X4s and each rung is covered in FLOR carpeting to keep it warm on the toes when climbing down and to help the cat climb up. The ladder is only attached to the lofts by the eye and J hooks and it is extremely secure. I am terrified of heights and the first time I ever got in the loft I couldn't get back down again. That was before we had a ladder and we were just using a construction ladder to get up and down. It was partially because of my panic attack that Matt build this ladder. I have no trouble climbing up and down the ladder now - or sleeping comfortably in the loft. 

And here is a gratuitous photo of Piglet climbing up the ladder. This cracks me up every time.


  1. Wow! That cat's got some great vertical climbing ability!

    Really like your clever design -- something I might want to remember as I work on my own project!

  2. cats are amazing, thanks for the pics of the hooks on your ladder. Nice addition


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