We Just Can't Freaking Sit Still

Matt and are are a perpetual project couple. It took us three years to build the tiny house and mostly because we loved the adventure. Now that the tiny house is done, we needed a new project.

Enter, the city house. The house we're staying in this winter could use some serious cosmetic help. Matt is painting the kitchen as we speak. And don't think I'm just sitting around not doing anything. My job was to pain the cabinet doors which are currently on the floor on a tarp in the basement. I finished my work already. Matt's almost done for the day.

Why are we doing this. We didn't have to. The house was perfectly livable even if every room was shade of seafoam green. But we could so why not.

Check out our new Bedroomstar Galactica! 

In case you're wondering what Bedroomstar Galactica is - well, we decorated it with Battlestar Galactica art. We are geeks, remember?

Check out this pretty sweet light fixture. I love the way it matches the dark brown furniture.

This was the print that started it all. It is the same painting that was in Adama's quarters on Galactica. My brother got it for us a few years ago and had it matted. We added the dark brown frame to match the rest of our stuff.

So our city house is 700 square feet which I believe firmly falls within the small house category. If you're interested in knowing what makes the difference between tiny houses and small houses, check out this discussion over at Tiny House Talk. 

We're here until about April when we can head back to the tiny house. As much as I am enjoying living in the city (we have about a mile walk to downtown Asheville and we've been doing that quite a bit), I can't wait to get back to the tiny house.

I have some fun stuff in store for when we return, too. Once we have the house put back together I plan on making a video to share here!  I can't wait. I've been wanting to do one for a while but my old camera didn't have a great video setting. Now I have a pretty good video camera so I can't wait to share a tour. 


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