Sleeping in the Tiny House

I've been missing the tiny house this winter. We haven't stayed their yet. It has been pretty snowy up on the mountain and that makes the hike up to the tiny house a little treacherous. But I was thinking about how comfortable our tiny house loft is and thought I would share some of the specifics.

The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company plans that we bought about four years ago suggested making a bed out of foam for the loft. The primary reason for this is because the length of the loft in the Tarleton design wasn't the same as any conventional mattress. Since we built our tiny house on a foundation we extended the entire building by about six inches which gave us the perfect space for a high end futon mattress.

Strange angle view of the FLOR along with the green counter.
Our loft is carpeted with a product called FLOR. I'm not really sure why except that we just liked the stuff and it added a pop of color to the house. We used FLOR on the rungs of the ladder to the loft with the hope that it would make it easier for Piglet to use the ladder. Once she got comfortable with it she would zoom up that thing all the time.

We bought the futon mattress at a local shop here in Asheville that worked with us to find what was really comfortable. It was pretty amazing to me how diverse futon mattresses are. The one Matt and I had in our first house out of college was cheap and uncomfortable but this mattress is exceptional. However, we did have to carry it up to the tiny house pretty much on our backs - not an easy feat. Now that its there it isn't going anywhere - that's for sure.

I love how the comforter matches the trees.
 Now the loft is one my favorite places to spend time even when I'm not sleeping. It is perfect to curl up with a good book-on-kindle and just relax. Piglet will come and cuddle with you if you sit still long enough.


  1. Reading in a cozy bed with a Kindle and a cat? My idea of HEAVEN!!!!!

  2. For a loft sleeping area, how much room do you need to have above your head?

    1. That largely depends on how much room you want and/or whether or not your building on a trailer that needs to meet the maximum height requirements to get it tagged by your state's DMV. Our house is on a foundation so the height didn't matter but we wanted to follow the plans we bought to keep things simple.

  3. How much room do you need above your head in a sleeping loft?


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