Happy Anniversary to Matt of Life in 120 Square Feet

It is a running joke in our house.

"Laura LaVoie built her own tiny house with her own two hands all by herself."

I'm the one that does the blogging and the press. I'm the one involved in the tiny house community. Even as much as I say "we" did this and "we" built that, people seem to always fixate on the "me" instead. Even Huffington Post assumed Matt's last name and mine were the same without asking me.

The truth is there is no way I could have built this tiny house by myself. Not because I am not capable but because it was never a one person project. The tiny house was always the product of our combined ambitions and dreams.

So this post is dedicated to the other half of our team; Matt. 

Whoo hoo! I cut a board!

Matt isn't in any of this for the fame and notoriety. I guess I'm not either but I am the one in the public eye. He actively tries to stay out of it.

It has been Matt's dream since he was very young to build a house entirely by hand. His dad was a builder and he died when Matt was very young. For this reason Matt has always wanted to build things for himself.

While I spent hours writing blog posts and inserting photos of our progress, Matt spent hours planning each weekend's work before we arrived in Asheville. He studied how to do foundations, framing, siding, roofing, building a porch, building cabinets, laying down floor, and finishing the walls. I certainly did my share of work, but nothing compared to what Matt was able to do in a weekend.

Part of the reason I am celebrating Matt today is because it is Valentine's Day, of course, but it is more than that. Valentine's Day was also our first date and we celebrate it as our primary anniversary each year.

Our first date was 18 years ago today. 

We've been together, partners, ever since. I think of all the things we've done in 18 years and I couldn't be happier. Now we live in a city we love and have a tiny house in the mountains that we built together.

Matt will be with me at the Tiny House Workshop with Deek of Relax Shacks in Wilmington, NC this April. I believe it is almost sold out so reserve your spot now. Matt and I are pretty awesome, of course, but the entire line up is out of this world.

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Anniversary, Matt. Here's to another 18 years!