Getting Ready for Spring in the Tiny House

I am dying for the warmer weather to arrive in the mountains. While we've had cold nights as late as the Spring Equinox before the days are going to start getting warmer. The daffodils agree.

Daffodils by the garden statue.

We are headed up to do some work at the tiny house this weekend! The first job will be to do something with the fallen tree by the Folk N' Ale.

We cut through it to make the path accessible again when we were there last, but it is still in the way.

Once that is done it is time to start getting the inside of the house ready again. We need to make a plan while where there to do things like figure out when to hook the batteries back up to the house and start gathering water again. I also want to make the bed so it looks like a home again.

I'm really aching to get back to this simpler life. I imagine most people think I'm a little crazy for missing my chores and my simple shower, but I do. I don't want to wish my life away but Spring can't happen fast enough.


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