Tiny Bloggers Unite...over Pizza

Ryan Mitchell and Laura LaVoie on Wall Street, Asheville NC

The other day I got an email from Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life. He was going to be visiting Asheville and wanted to know if we would like to meet up for a drink in the afternoon on New Year's Day.

Of course we would!  

So, about 3pm on January 1, 2013 we met up at Jack of Wood in downtown Asheville for a lot of tiny talk.  We talked about his tiny house progress. We talked about the funny things that happened to Matt and I as we started to build. Next thing you know, it was dinner time so we wandered over to Asheville Pizza and Brewing to get some pizza.

I suppose you can say that Ryan and I have known each other for about three years. In March of 2010, Ryan posted about our tiny house on his blog. I hadn't even begun this blog yet. In fact, it was because of Ryan's blog post that I moved our story from LiveJournal to a brand new blog page. Before that, I didn't think anyone cared about our little house in the mountains.  In hind sight, and 1168-and-counting Facebook fans later, I was wrong. I don't know that any of us in the tiny house community three years ago thought the movement would be where it is today.

It is always great to meet people you've known online for a long time. I'm glad our scattered community can connect through social media but it never replaces face to face meetings. Meeting Ryan was great fun and us North Carolina Tiny House builders need to stick together!  Who knows, there may be some interesting collaborations in the future! 


  1. Sounds like you all had lots of fun. Cheers and Happy 2013!

  2. How fun are you guys!? Drinks+Tiny Housers, I mean, what could be better? :)


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