Requests for Tours

Photo by J. Andrew Flenniken
Since I have been blogging about our tiny house adventures for three years now I am frequently asked if we allow people to come see our tiny house.

While I would love to be in a position to answer this question with a Yes, there are circumstances which require me to refuse most requests.

Our tiny house is off the beaten path in a rural area of Western North Carolina. We have a few neighbors who moved to this area to be away from the constant stimulation of the city. Ultimately the reason we chose to build our house where we did was to have our own privacy as well. We like that the tiny house is tucked away in the woods away from major traffic. In fact, it is tucked so far in the woods there isn't even a road to get to it. We don't publicize the exact location of the tiny house because we want to keep our privacy and we respect the privacy of our neighbors.

Instead, I blog about our life and our projects. I don't mind being public, I just would prefer that my house itself stay private.

That being said, while we aren't generally willing to allow tours of our tiny house we are available for conversations. If anyone finds themselves in the Asheville area and would like to talk with us about our tiny house we would be open to setting up a meeting.


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    1. Indeed! That is in the plans for the near future. I just got a new device capable of making a nice video. I think we will put one together in the spring.


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