120 Ideas for Tiny Living...done?

I have a profound sense of relief today. The manuscript for 120 Ideas for Tiny Living has been sent to my best friend and beta reader to get her opinion on it.

I am still on track to have the book available by the end of March. My birthday is March 29th so it will be a great birthday present to me if it is out by then.

As far as I know now it will be available as an eBook for sure. I am thinking about having a paperback option as well for those folks who would rather feel the pages between their fingers. We have some other ideas for the book promotion, so keep watching this space for more announcements.

I plan to have it available in time to bring to the North Carolina Tiny House Workshop hosted by Deek and Steven in Wilmington, NC.

Speaking of - if you find yourself in North Carolina in April, definitely think about checking us out. It should be a lot of fun.

I still have a fair number of photos I need to stage for the book too. I have most of them but there are about 30 or so (out of 120) that I need to get. So, I'll be doing that over the next few weeks.

And on the topics of photos I am thinking about what to use for the cover of the book. Here are some options Let me know what you like best or if you think it should be something else all together.

1. Sepia Tiny House in Woods

2. Color Tiny House in Woods
3. Black and White Tiny House in Woods
4. Black and White Tiny House Different View

Let me know what you think in the comments!


  1. I like the color photo best. It looks cheerful and inviting. The others seem kind of sad to me. Others may feel differently!

  2. In my humble opinion, I think picture 2. Color Tiny House in Woods is the best.

  3. Number 4 is my favorite, but I'm partial to trees :)

  4. Color picture is it. The others look a little creepy.. :)

  5. Colour photo! As other commentors have said, the other photos look sad, old and creepy.


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