It has been a long time since I've felt anything that I would call "homesickness."

Today, I am missing my mountains. I am missing Asheville and all the people there, even the ones I haven't met yet.

One of our first trips to Asheville while we still lived in Atlanta, and before we built the tiny house, was for New Year's Eve. That year they did a big outdoor event with fireworks and they had imported some snow to make a sledding ramp in a parking lot. It was magical. This year, we'll be home in time for New Year's and I plan to really celebrate our homecoming.

Yesterday, we drove out to the town of Rochester, Michigan. Their display of holiday lights are talked about throughout the area and wanted to see them for ourselves. As we got out of our car and stepped onto Main Street, it began to softly snow.

We wandered over to a local brewery, the Rochester Mills Beer Company to get in out of the cold and enjoy a pint. By the time we came back out, it had stopped snowing.
It was beautiful, but it wasn't home. I miss Asheville and I want to be in my mountains by my river and in my city. I want to see the art deco buildings in the winter. I want to bundle up and walk downtown wishing for snow.

The holidays are next week and it will be full of family parties, food, and friends. It will be a joyous time and celebration and will get caught up in the energy of the days before we do pack up and head back home in time for New Year's Eve.

In only somewhat related news - I have been pouring through my photo files and I don't have many photographs from downtown Asheville!  When I do it is usually of a pint of beer. This will need to change when I get home.

Summer Beer Festival


  1. Missin' ya'll, too. :) Have a wonderful Christmas and say hi to Matt!

  2. How cool! I'm glad I found your blog. I have three kids, but when they're grown up and out of my house I am thinking about doing the tiny house thing. It looks like absolute heaven compared to my 2000 square feet of constant clutter! I'm a writer, too, btw and I live over in Cashiers NC. Small world!

  3. Wonderful! I am looking forward to seeing the photos from Asheville! xo L


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