Happy Winter Solstice

The world didn't end. 

But today is the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. Starting tomorrow the days begin to get longer. I am grateful for the return of the sun.

Unfinished Tiny House in the Snow 2009

From now until New Year's day feels like a liminal space. It will be filled with food and gifts and family. I want to enjoy this time but I am eager for the beginning of 2013 and the start of another new adventure.

Happy Winter Solstice and I hope all of your holidays celebrations are festive and full of wonder.


  1. How do you live entirely off the grid? What do you miss? Looking forward to following your tiny house blog!

  2. I can honestly say there is nothing I miss. Our little house uses solar power and water from the spring. It makes us very connected to our own lives.


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