Some Observations Upon Returning to "Civilization"

We've temporarily moved out of the tiny house to spend some time with family in Michigan. I find myself in a small apartment bedroom that is actually a little big larger than the tiny house to begin with. I am learning a couple of things about myself living here and we're only a few days into this part of the adventure.
  1. I miss the chores. I never thought in all my life that I would say that. And when I lived in a conventional home it took me forever to get up the motivation to vacuum or clean the toilets. But there was some quiet joy in some of the new and different chores that we acquired while living in the tiny house. I use to take short breaks from my writing to go out and empty the bucket into the gray water system and fill the Berkey. I kind of find myself wondering how to take breaks now. My brother suggested I simply fill up a bucket and pour it back out again. 
  2. Television is my kryptonite. I will never be one of those people that acts all superior because I don't have a television. But, I don't. This was a conscious choice for moving into the tiny house. And it was a hard one for me - I love television. But I didn't need it. I use to find myself parked in front of the TV watching reality programming as well as catching my favorite scifi shows. Most of those hours were not productive. They didn't provide a cure for boredom - they were the manifestation of boredom. Well, when I find myself bored here in the apartment, the television is only a click away. I can turn it on and tune it out. Its going to be a long two months if I keep doing that. I should start going for walks instead.
  3. I've been productive with writing. I decided to take this month and work on the 120 Ideas for Tiny Living book that I promised to have out by the spring. In spite of the distractions, I've been doing really well with it and I think I like it. I'm nearly done with the first draft and then I will let it sit for a bit before going back to revise and edit. It'll be an eBook and will feature some tiny house living ideas along with lots of photos. Stay tuned for more information!  
There will also be a bit of a change on the website and some additional new fun stuff coming soon. Trust me, you'll know it when you see it. I'm really excited about it and have to give a shout out to a very good friend for helping me out with it. And by that I mean pretty much doing all the work.


  1. Laura, I think is marvelous what yall are doing!! Take care in the city! Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas)

  2. Laura, I think is marvelous what yall are doing, take care on the city. FelĂ­z Navidad (Merry Christmas)


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