Photos from 120 Square Feet

I was just looking through some of my photos from this year. These are the ones that never made it to the blog for some reason but that I liked quite a bit. So I thought I would just do a photo post to share them with you. These are in no particular order.

It was a relatively soggy summer up on the mountain. Mushrooms sprouted up everywhere! These suckers were HUGE. I should have put a smurf near them for size comparison.

Autumn Maples are my favorite leaves.


This photo is not from the land, though I would love to grow hops. This was taken at Highland Brewery. 

This is another view of the tree that came down by the Folk N' Ale. I took this as I left our 120 Square Feet house for the winter.

This was also not taken at the house. This was at Green Man Brewery and published on a local beer website. 

Piglet on a shelf. Good storage solutions for your pets is essential. 

A friend gave us this sign. It is hanging up in the barn.

Maybe I did post this photo here before, I don't remember. Another friend gave us this and we hung it up on the front door inside the tiny house.

Mist in the morning on our mountain.This is the road leading to civilization.

Mountain sunset.

This is another sunset photo. This one was taken from the Folk N' Ale

I was also enjoying playing around with the sepia setting on my little camera.

And one last Piglet picture for good measure. Sweet dreams.