An Asheville Break

We are back in Asheville for a little bit before we head back to Michigan for all of December. This week so far has been good to us. I really love this little town and I am so at home here.

We went up to the tiny house just to visit and to chain saw that giant tree that was in our way. It didn't actually take very long.

Mt. Matt is once again open for Business

We also ran some errands. We got a new lamp shade for an antique lamp that was given to me by my Great Aunt. It has been in storage for a while, so it is nice to get it out in to the open again.

Simple pleasures

I also got a few photos of the tiny house that might work as a book cover for 120 Ideas for Tiny Living. Just playing around with the camera settings and stuff. (BTW, these also may NOT be the cover to the book - I like to keep you guessing.)

maybe you like color?
maybe you like black and white?
While we're here we are also getting our Christmas on. I love this time of year. It doesn't matter to me what you celebrate. Or what I celebrate for that matter. I just love the festiveness of trees and lights and colors.

Happy Holidays - All of Them!
And in closing I just want to say I miss Piglet. She is staying with Matt's mom in Michigan for the week. But I also have an ideas that completely revolves around Piglet. Sometimes I like to use the Internet for its intended purpose from time to time. We all know that is "to look at pictures of cats." So keep watching this space for my Piglet-centric project.


  1. Awesomesauce! Glad you got to see your place! That's a big tree! Was it in the road? They've been doing a lot of work up there.
    Hope your week is going well! :)

  2. Drive safe! Looking forward to the piglet project. xo L


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