Snow in the Mountains for Halloween

As I was writing my post yesterday the tiny flakes were just beginning to float down on the mountain. When we woke up at 3am because we were cold, the ground was covered in a soft white blanket.

Somewhere in the middle we lost a tree. We had been watching that tree for a while wondering when it might come down. The answer was clearly yesterday. Thankfully, it didn't fall toward the house. It barely missed The Folk N' Ale and the only casualties were 6 plastic chairs.

A view of the tiny house from the path now blocked by the tree.
When we woke up at 3am, we turned the heater back on and settled back in for a couple more hours of sleep. It was extremely cozy in the tiny house. And truthfully, even without the heater, the coldest it got in there was 47 degrees. That is cold, of course, but considering it was only 35 outside, it wasn't so bad. The snow on our mountain didn't even last to the afternoon yesterday. I was hoping I could have gotten some photos of it. Curiously enough, just up the road it was still a winter wonderland at 1pm yesterday.

Our SNOWlar panels! Hahahahahahah!
My only job yesterday was to head back up to Mt. Matt after my temp job and pick Piglet up to take her to the new city house. I'm sitting here right now in a director's chair with my feet up on a Rubbermaid bin typing away. Piglet is warm under the covers on our air mattress. She is so excited to have heat registers on the floor again. The only thing she wishes is that she knew how to turn on the heat so it runs all the time. Speaking of heat, this is how Piglet road in the car to the new house.

And yes, that is a pink and green argyle sweater, thanks for asking.
We plan to give out candy tonight to the trick-or-treaters. We use to love doing that but when we moved to Georgia our neighborhood didn't have many kids. We even brought our Halloween decorations from the tiny house to put up on the porch! 

I will now return you to your regularly scheduled Halloween fun. Go look up photos of cats in costumes or something. Happy Halloween!