Simple Pleasures

I am convinced that normal homeowners do not get excited about such little things. But I find that a little inexpensive splash of color in the tiny house is all I need to brighten my day.

We got a new shower curtain. Well, in truth we got two new shower curtains because I had to cut one vinyl shower curtain in half to fit our tiny shower - so I stowed the other half for when we need to replace this one.

It was on clearance at some store or another and it was cheerfully green so we snagged it. The one we had in there before was the cheap little one that came with the shower and it was solid white. This one lets in a lot of light when you're in the shower, which the other one did not.

In other news, the visit with my mom and my aunt was quite fun. We took them all over Western North Carolina. From the tiny house, to Mount Mitchell and beyond by way of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Then back in to Asheville to walk around the city we love so much.


  1. Oh I LOVE Ashville (and the BRP)! Beautiful area,I've often told my wife in passing I could definately live there (especially loving the outdoors,besides the town itself)!

    I feel ya on the shower curtain happiness...when my wife told me to go shopping for one recently to replace the dreary one we had been using (and having/loving the keeping of aquarium fish as we do) I've been tickled pink that I found a cheery fishy one,LOL! She giggles at my giddiness about it when I shower,says "I don't often get to see that 'big kid' side of you in this day and age" :p (FWIW,I'm the house parent after having become legally disabled in 2008 due to spianl injuries sustained in 2001,though she continues to thankfully help out/do most of the home decor and shopping,LOL).


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