Last Night in the Tiny House

As the winter storm heads across the eastern US, I am going to be spending my last night in the tiny house for a while. The feeling is admittedly bittersweet. It'll be nice to have some on-the-grid heat for a couple of months, but I will miss this tiny house. It took us three years to build this place and it felt like it would never be done. But now that it is finished, the 6 months we've lived in it feel as if they've whizzed by.

I've loved every second we've spend in this little house. I love waking up every morning surrounded by these gorgeous Appalachian woods. I loved discovering that I was a little tougher than I had previously thought. Most of all I love the fact that this tiny adventure is far from over. The very best part is knowing that we will be coming back to the house soon.

In the mean time, on our last night in the tiny house before traveling for the winter, snow is predicted in the mountains. I have seen a few flurries float by even as I type this. It is as thought Mother Nature wants to remind us that she is the one really in charge here. It'll be cold tonight while we're sleeping. Before crawling under the covers to cuddle with my fuzzy hot water bottle, otherwise known as Piglet, I will pack up all the things that I need to take to Michigan with me. I will think about all the things that this tiny house represents and I will go to sleep knowing that this first chapter in our tiny story has been a huge success.

Then I will spend the holidays with friends and family without the typical stress that traveling caused me as I worked my 9 to 5 job and worried about what would happen while I was gone and making sure we packed as much as we could in the week I was able to travel. And after the first of the year we will return to the city we love and enjoy downtown while we wait for the mountain to thaw and we can head back into the tiny space.

I'll be sharing updates from our traveling adventures for sure so don't stop reading just because we're away from Mt. Matt for the winter. Stay Tuned for our adventures from 180 Square Feet in Detroit!


  1. Have a safe trip up here to the Mitten! Looking forward to your posts once you're here.

  2. Can' wait to meet up with you here in the D. It's been so many years. Have a safe trip here. Be really careful about the express ways on the west side. I'm sure you've heard it from your family, but that insane gunman is on the loose. Switch to side streets, if you have to go through the west side. Get here safe!!!


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