A Tiny Halloween

Matt and I love decorating for Holidays. Back when we had our big house we would pull out the Halloween decorations on October 1st. On November 1st we would swap out the Halloween stuff for the Thanksgiving stuff. And finally, as soon as Thanksgiving was over we would put up the Winter Holiday decorations (for whichever winter holiday you prefer).

So, yesterday Matt came home with a couple of goodies to decorate our tiny house for Halloween. We were like little kids putting up the tiny pumpkin lights and the jack o' lantern up on the loft. We didn't want to clutter up the place, but a few key pieces gives us exactly the feeling we were going for.

Before Dark
After Dark

Happy Halloween from Life in 120 Square Feet! 


  1. The after dark photo looks like a cat face.

  2. I likes it! Happy Halloween :)

  3. Boo! Scary! I also love Halloween! It figures! xo L


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