Tiny r(E)volution Pod Cast: Next Tuesday

I have had the pleasure of getting to know quite a few people within the Tiny House Movement. One such person is Andrew Odom of Tiny r(E)volution. Andrew is always presenting new information,  blogging about tiny houses, and starting project after project - all while building his tiny house and raising his young daughter. He is a force to be reckoned with.

Well, Andrew has asked me to be the next edition of the Tiny r(E)volution Podcast. This will happen on Tuesday, September 18th at 2:30pm. It features a live chat so be sure to log in about 15 minutes before the show starts to be involved.

Which brings me to the point of this post. I need to know what you want to hear about!

Are there aspects of our tiny life you are most interested in? Do you have questions about any of our systems? Do you want to know how we constructed anything? Do you want to know how we manage to stay sane in 120 square feet? Do you want to know how much Piglet sleeps during the day?

Let me know in comments what you want to hear about and I can put together some things for the show.

I can't wait to "talk" to you all then!


  1. how do you fill your days? would love to see a snapshot of 'day in the life'

  2. Have you found yourself about to do something, or thinking about doing something, only to have a "Right. Different life now. Tiny house" moment? Which things? How often? Any that still happen, a few months in?

    Conversely, anything that you thought, going in, would be difficult to adjust to that ended up not being so hard?

    If you had to give it up for some reason (extended family emergencies, the rare and endangered Appalachian Spotted Rhino breaks in and starts squatting and the EPA won't let you evict, etc.) what parts/aspects/methods of Tiny House living would you take with you forever?

  3. I'm sure a lot of us would be interested in how well your composting toilet works, if there are any smells and what toilet maintenance tasks you have to do. I forget now what you installed; I believe it was a commercial unit? I will be going with the 5 gallon bucket and sawdust myself. My only concern would be with flies getting inside; I wonder if a screen cover would be a good idea. I have seen videos of people storing / composting the material in big blue 30 gallon or so, plastic drums with secure lids. I guess that would be anerobic composting. I believe they leave the material in the drums for a year or two. That way, I wouldn't have to build a waste compost pile in the corner of my property.
    I hope to be listening to your podcast.

  4. I met you last night at the Bloggers Association meeting. Just wanted to say I am loving your blog, your tiny house, and am looking forward to the pod cast! Cheers, Amy

  5. I met you last night at the Bloggers Association meeting. Just wanted to say I love the blog, love the tiny house and am looking forward to the podcast. Cheers! Amy


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