Piglet Thinks We Bought Her a Blanket

Piglet has been sad that she hasn't been showcased on this blog in recent weeks. She has been upstaged by a stupid car and some podcast thing.

Piglet does not tolerate this. So she sat on the tablet.

Is this the right lighting for my complexion?

In other news, Piglet also believes we bought her a nice new blanket. It has been getting colder at night on the mountains and one crisp evening where the light blanket did nothing to keep me warm, I demanded we go in search of a new comforter. When we first moved in we used our sleeping bag in the loft. This was because I was afraid that Piglet would fall out of the loft if she got to comfortable and too close to the edge of the bed. But I hated it. It was ugly. So we went to a few random stores and got a new blanket. We didn't bring a color sample and we would have gotten a neutral tone, but then we saw this green one and thought we would give it a whirl. Turns out, it is a really perfect shade of green. We are now styling for cool fall nights here at the mountain.

That wasn't the photo I wanted. And no, the blanket isn't just for you! 
See, it even matches the trees!  

I promise there has been more exciting happenings than just a new blanket. Some of the information is not for public knowledge...yet. I have also been failing at taking photos of some of our cooking creations, so one of these days I'll put up a photoless Tiny Table post and just tell you what we made and you can determine from there if it would be worth trying for yourself.


  1. To a cat, a tablet is a mini disco floor! Piglet wants to party!

  2. I love cats! I always wonder what my little girl is thinking when she does something strange like that ..... Piglet is adorable.


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