Trying Something New: Save the Element

There is one member of the 120 Square Feet team that never gets credit. That is my 2003 Honda Element.

This awesome little box on wheels has done so much to make the dream of living in our house on the mountain a reality, and now it is facing some issues.

The Element is nearing its 10th birthday and is starting to show signs of age. But with a few repairs it can keep going for a good long while.

 So I thought I would start an Indiegogo campaign to raise the money I need to fix the Element. See, I quit my job to follow my dream of being a writer here in the tiny house. I am doing a great job and I am making more and more money all the time. But Freelance writing is not a get rich quick scheme. By cutting our expenses way down I am able to afford most things, but car repairs wasn't in the budget.

I need new tires. I need a new compressor. And I may need some work done to the transmission. If these are fixed the Element should be in tip top shape and I can continue having adventures.

I don't usually just ask for money. And I am willing to give donors a little something in exchange: Advertising. In fact, if you donate I'd be willing to put your website right on the Element! 

I figured I had nothing to lose by reaching out to my readers to help with the Element. I appreciate anything you can do or spreading the word. The Element is what has made this tiny house possible and it deserves to be kept in great condition.


  1. That Element has helped make Tiny Tumbleweed possible. Long live the Element! :)

  2. We also have a 2003 Element and love it! This site is priceless:

    I've saved thousands on maintenance using that site.


  3. Time to tweak the campaign again in your blog?
    Seems to have slowed some since it started.
    As ever, thanks for the insites and info from Li120SF!


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