Mt. Matt Music Peace Festival

For the past 5 years we hosted a 4th of July party on our land. This year because we were traveling just before the holiday we decided not to have one. Instead, we had a few friends up to the mountain this weekend for an event that became known as the Mt. Matt Music Peace Festival.

It started out with just about 5 people on the guest list but in the end we had 11 folks up at Mt. Matt, some camping and some staying in town.

Matt and I smoked a pork butt for the first time and it was seriously perfect. I got some photos as we slapped the pig on the grills, but I failed to get some after photos. In any case, here is what it looked like when we started.

We got it from a local butcher shop called The Chop Shop. It was about as fresh as pork can get as Matt watched the butcher cut it right off the pig. It was delicious and not a scrap was left over.

People began to arrive in the afternoon and got their tents set up. Friends came from near and far to visit: Atlanta, Michigan, even Phoenix AZ. Then once dinner was ready we ate our fill and got down to the business of making music.

These guys all use to be in a band together in Michigan about 15 years ago. We were just missing one guy. They played like the hadn't missed a beat in all that time. It was a lot of fun.

Here is a photo of my friend Andrew taking photos. Or shall I say, Old Timey Andrew. I don't know why I am so fascinated by sepia photos now that I know how to make that setting.

And lastly, a photo of this butterfly just for fun.

I thought the Mt. Matt Music Peace Festival was great fun and I hope everyone had a good time.