How Far We've Come: On this day in 2007

A few weeks ago I was in a conversation with a friend and a guy I'd never met before. He introduced himself by telling me he was a builder and asked how long it took for us to build out house. When I told him that it took three years he was shocked. "I built bigger houses in less time with only one other person and some hire labor!" he exclaimed.

Here's the thing. I don't need to justify to anyone. It took us three years because we wanted it to take us three years. Building this house wasn't just a construction project; it was an adventure.

So I decided to go back to my old LiveJournal to see what I was doing back in 2007, when we bought the land. On August 24th 2007 I wrote this:

Didn't expect to see me, did you? Well, I'm not dead yet. I have just been BUSY beyond belief lately. So, would you like a recap?

I think we were waiting to close on the land. Well, money has been exchanged and the land is officially ours. Hooray land. Matt's brother is coming down from Michigan as we speak and we are going up to Asheville tomorrow. We'll go out ot the land and do a little work. I want to hike up to the top of the mountain (that we cool is that) to see the rock formations that have been described to me as awesome. I also want to build a fire pit and create a camping area. We're not camping tomorrow, though, we have a hotel room in town. We'll go out for drinks and dinner. We will, of course, go over to Sante. I've been having Asheville withdrawal!

Next weekend is the famed Dragon*Con here in Atlanta. I am so geeked, pun intended. We have never been before and I am really looking forward to it. I just wish the schedule would get published already.

September weekends are already booked up! Ack. On the 15th of September we plan to go up to the land and camp that weekend. So far, the weekend of the 22nd is free, but I expect that will get booked soon. And then we'll be going back up to Asheville on the 29th Actually, I don't know why for that one, but it is written on my desk calendar.

October is fairly booked as well. And damn, that takes us to November, which is Thanksgiving travel and all that. And then it'll be December. Ack. Maybe I can relax sometime in 2008.
I never did relax in 2008. Funny part is, I didn't want to.That is what adventure is all about to me. I constantly want to try new things. Enjoy my time. Plan things.

Dragon*Con is indeed next weekend again this year. We are going, of course. I'll probably share some updates and photos from our experience here when we get back.

It is funny to see how far things have come in just 5 years. Funnier still that some people have to judge that it took way too long. If that is the case, they don't really understand in the first place. Its not the destination, as they say, its the journey.


  1. Amen! We're nearly 4 years into building ours. Since we like to use a lot of salvaged stuff, it takes time to find it. Also we only work PT money is an issue. But I don't mind. It gives us time to think about the space and how we use it, adapt when we need to. Yeah you could build FOUR McMansions in the same amount of time, but what's the rush?

  2. How did you go about finding the land in NC? I think that is the hardest challenge is finding what towns you can buy land and still be ALLOWED to legally build a tiny home. Any information would be great.

    1. You can check out our story about finding our land here:

  3. Did you give that guy a cookie?


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